Our Kobe Beef

"We Stand Behind Every Steak We Serve. Our Autonomous Approach Allows Us to Control the Quality of Our Product at Every Phase from Sourcing to Dry-Aging to The Butchering of Our Meat. Obtaining This Elite Certification and Being Able to Bring Our Customers Authentic Kobe Beef Is in Line with Our Dedication to Serving only The Highest-Quality Product Available in The World." – Benjamin Berg, B&B Butchers & Restaurant Proprietor

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B&B Butchers & Restaurant is proud to be two of 29 U.S. members of the Kobe Beef Association in Japan, allowing us to offer authentic, certified A5 Kobe Beef. To provide perspective, only 400 pounds of this highly sought-after meat, widely considered the best beef in the world, is shipped to the U.S. each month to licensed members of this exclusive group. Sourced from the quiet, isolated Japanese valleys of Hyogo Prefecture near the port town of Kobe City, these tajima-gyu cattle have grazed for generations completely untouched by the outside world. The story of the cattle's pure bloodlines, intense beef certification system and strict classification standards (only 3,900 head of cattle qualify each year) unfolds in the luscious, evenly dispersed shimofuri marbling characteristics. The decadent, speckled marbling, unique to these cattle, lends the exquisitely rich flavor, tenderness, and juiciness associated with the melt-in-your-mouth delicacy that is authentic Kobe Beef.

The Story Behind Our Steak

At B&B Butchers & Restaurant, we have created a quick behind-the-scenes guide to allow our patrons to better understand and appreciate the old-fashioned and time-consuming methods we employ to bring you the very best beef possible.


We have thoughtfully sourced our products to serve our patrons-only the highest quality and finest cuts of meat available in the world. In addition to Kobe, we offer three additional kinds of beef as well as 22 coveted cuts.

Japanese Wagyu:

Wagyu, meaning "Japanese cow", refers to several breeds of cattle from specific areas in Japan known for producing high-quality meat with exquisite, evenly dispersed marbling with scores between 7-10.

Texas Wagyu:

Sourced from the Gearhart Ranch, a family farm in West Texas, this is a high-grade 100% certified organic and grass-fed only beef with no finishing.

USDA Prime:

Only the top two percent of all U.S. beef earns this designation. B&B has carefully curated an in-house 28-day and 55-day dry-aged program with this beef.

Dry-Aging the Beef:

B&B Butchers & Restaurant is one of few outfits in Houston that dry-ages its meat, a process we consciously chose to produce a more complex and flavorful product as opposed to wet-aging. Within our Butcher Shop lies our temperature-and-humidity controlled Meat Cellar, a room dedicated to storing our meats during the dry-aging process. Pale pink bricks of imported Himalayan salt completely cover one wall of the Meat Cellar, filling the air with an intense, delicious saltiness that naturally enhances the flavor of our meats while drawing moisture from the product during the dry-aging process. Once the beef has reached 28 or 55 days, we trim the hard and crusty exterior that has developed. During the overall process, the dry-aged steaks lose over 40% of their original weight, leaving behind a more tender, flavor-concentrated cut of meat than non-aged or wet-aged meats.


Our expert butchers hand-cut our extensive collection of meats, which includes 22 different types of cuts, along with our chops and fresh seafood daily. In addition to preparing cuts for the restaurant, our knowledgeable staff is always available in our on-site, first-class butcher shop to educate and cater to our customer's carnivorous needs. While in the restaurant, please never hesitate to ask for a tour of the butcher shop and our dry-aging room.