Introducing Our NEW Caviar Service

Launching Saturday, July 17th

B&B Butchers & Restaurant is excited to announce the launch of our caviar service in Houston & Fort Worth! Starting Saturday, July 17th, we will be rolling out our custom Royal White Sturgeon Caviar as well as our full caviar service to guests for brunch, lunch & dinner. Personally harvested by Berg Hospitality Group Founder Benjamin Berg at a farm in Idaho, learn more about the sustainable process here. In addition to our Berg Hospitality reserve label, guests can also enjoy a selection of Petrossian Caviar. Both caviar labels will be served with traditional accoutrements. 

B&B Caviar Service 

B&B Reserve Label Royal White Sturgeon Caviar $95

Petrossian Classic Daurenki | $95

Petrossian Royal Ossetra | $150

Petrossian Tsar Imperial Baika | $195